Tom Felton’s sightseeing adventures in Brazil

Today we find some lovely images of Tom as he goes on a sightseeing tour of the lovely “Marvelous City” of Brazil.

You can see him getting a close up look at “Cristo Redentor,” a giant status of Jesus which overlooks the city, and which has been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

In addition, was also able to have a helicopter ride around the statue, after which he tweeted some of his photos.

You can find lots of additional photos here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

So, did he enjoy himself? Indeed! Earlier he tweeted:

Had a very special day in Rio and saw some breathtaking views!

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s sightseeing adventures in Brazil

  1. Oh, don’t say that. They weren’t distant the rest of the days. I think it was stressful for both to have so many people “stalking” them all the time. That’s all.

    And yes, that girl is Jade.

  2. I believe in MY own opinion that pictures of such emotions speak a thousand words and I’m leaving it as that. Don’t want to upset anyone of how I see them. I respect Tom and that’s how it is.

  3. From this place Thomas visited, the view is indeed extraordinary, although I’ve not been to Brazil just yet. But it is already the most amazing when seen from above!

    Glad he enjoyed the show!

    With Love,


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