A scandelous photo of Draco Malfoy(s) in the bathtub

During the MTV movie awards, Tom Felton fans were asking Feltbeats.com if we could arrange another ‘reward’ for fans if they help Tom win MTV Best Villain for the second time. So I asked fans what type of reward they would like.

Some said they wanted Tom Felton to kiss each fan on Twitter. I thought that was somewhat unrealistic.

Some said they wanted a video of him singing a ‘thank you’ song. A little silly, but a possibility.

Some said they wanted a picture of Tom in the bathtub. LOL! No way I’m asking for that.

Some said they wanted a fan chat! OKAY! This is something I won’t be too embarrassed to ask! 🙂

So, we contacted Tom via Twitter, and here is how it went:

feltbeats So last year @TomFelton made us a video when he won @MTV Best Villain – what bet should we make with him this year if we get him the win? =)

TomFelton @feltbeats lets talk, got lots to discuss!

feltbeats @TomFelton Sure! And we need to talk about the @MTV movie awards, too. Fans want to do another ‘bet’ with you – what do you think? *grin*

feltbeats @TomFelton So Tom, we’re voting for you like crazy, but we thought it would be fun if you promise us a ‘reward’ like last time! LOL!

feltbeats @TomFelton What do you think? Would you be willing? I think it would really inspire the fans!!!

TomFelton @feltbeats yes of course I’d love to thank people just for voting anyway!

TomFelton @feltbeats good timing, just woke up to this! what type of reward were you thinking?

feltbeats @TomFelton LOL! Well a bunch of fans have asked me to ask for you to send a bath photo! But I’m not doing that! LOLOL.

TomFelton @feltbeats a bath photo, i can certainly take a photo of a bath for you, bubbles, rubber duck and all? hows that?

feltbeats @TomFelton LOLLLL!~ No I was joking! !!! Hahaha! How about a nice exclusive fan chat or something? Would be so fun!

TomFelton @feltbeats an exclusive fan chat would be great! would love too! although you are still going to get that bath picture now you asked lol

feltbeats @TomFelton Yay! Thank you, Tom! LOL! We will vote for you like crazyyy!!!! =)

TomFelton @feltbeats thank you !

So there you have it! And, as you all know, HE WON!!!

And so, today we see this:

A very delayed repayment to all the fans who asked @feltbeats for a bath photo…sorry no ducks could fit in lol http://t.co/YHEHoX0

so to anyone else who wasn’t in the ‘bath’ conversation i now look extremely odd from that post. brilliant

And this:


16 thoughts on “A scandelous photo of Draco Malfoy(s) in the bathtub

    • Why would you be expecting more? Tom said, and I quote: a bath photo, i can certainly take a photo of a bath for you, bubbles, rubber duck and all? hows that?

  1. A reminder that this is not the first pic of a bath Tom has tweeted: http://twitpic.com/215w2

    I can’t remember if that’s the only one though. However it might have been what prompted the request for a bath pic to follow the MTV award.

  2. ROFLOL!!!! OMG Tooooooom~~~~^^;;
    Was I too excited to click the link from the tittle given and of course, for what you expected from the funny man LOL
    ah, bit disappoint though, willing so much to peep him in bathtub♥

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