Tom Felton to promote “Planet of the Apes” in LA – with Conan and Lopez Tonight appearances

Hi everyone! We just got a tip last night that Tom will be in LA to promote “Planet of the Apes.” We’re told he will be making appearances on both Conan and Lopez Tonight!

After some research, we believe Tom will arrive at the Warner Bros. Burbank studios to film Conan. According to this article, the show starts getting ready at 3 pm, so that is likely around the time celebrity guests would arrive. Conan has unveiled a new studio on Stage 15 at Warner Bros, in Burbank. Let us know if you are able to go and get a glimpse of Tom upon arrival!

Also, Tom is to appear on Lopez Tonight for the second time! Lopez also films at the Warner Bros. studio, but I can’t find the exact location online. I assume there won’t be an opportunity to see him leave and/or arrive, because it is at the same place.

Lopez Tonight does offer some standby tickets on a daily basis – it could be worth it to try and go to the show! Here is more information.

Let’s hope Tom gets a chance to talk tonight on these shows, unlike on the Late Show with David Letterman. LOL! Feel free to send them a tweet (@teamcoco @conanobrien and @georgelopez) and let them know we want to hear talk speak!

Also, just a reminder for LA fans that the premiere of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” takes place in Los Angeles on Thursday at 5 pm PT.

2 thoughts on “Tom Felton to promote “Planet of the Apes” in LA – with Conan and Lopez Tonight appearances

  1. Hmmm, I just recorded both shows on my DVR and they do mention Tom’s appearance on Conan but not on Lopez. I also looked up the Lopez show site and they still don’t mention him. I hope he’s still on Lopez!

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