Paparazzi finds Tom Felton everywhere

Today, Tom tweeted

had a great night with rups in LA, felt like we were at home seeing him here, reminscing the good times already!x

He was with his girlfriend Jade and Rupert Grint at the SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. The paparazzi filmed him as he leaves the hotel. Sky Bar is the hottest night spot in Los Angeles for celebs, so it’s not surprising that the paparazzi waiting outside the door. By the way, you have from the SkyBar a spectacular view of Los Angeles.

Boasting some of the finest views of Los Angeles, Skybar, an open air, ivy-covered pavilion perched above the Pool and Outdoor Living Room, has been the spot for the hottest Los Angeles nightlife from the day it opened. Redesigned as the ultimate LA lounge by Tim Andreas of Banjo, Skybar appears to almost float in the clouds, with an open-air hut that sparkles with custom-designed furniture handmade in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Luxurious lounge seating is accented with yellow and gold; unique reflective glass surfaces evoke the Pacific Ocean.

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