Many new photos of Tom Felton

We have some new photos of Tom. The pictures are from different times.

3rd Aug. – Rankins’s Eyescapes Los Angeles with Rupert Grint / Thanks to @NoSuchAgencyPR for the photo.

same night – outside his hotel

photoshoot Brazil – July 2011


Thanks to feltgasm for finding these pics:

Thanks to fuckyeadracomalfoy for finding this pic:

USA Today – 6th June 2011

HBP DVD Press Junket (19th Oct. 09) – Thanks to Bonnie Wright Online for the photos.

More photos of the HBP DVD press junket in our gallery.

4 thoughts on “Many new photos of Tom Felton

  1. I’m loving the man capris. Something definitely not popular here in the US (or at least in the midwest) but so very popular over the pond. Maybe this will give more US men/boys the courage to wear them!

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