Tom Felton will be “hotter after Potter” says Daily Express

Here is a nice article from the Daily Express, examining the various Potter kids and their changes of success after their roles in the biggest movie franchise in history are over.

According to PR Guru Mark Borkowski, Tom is the “one to watch”! Click on the images below to read the analysis of the other Potter kids.

Tom Felton, 23

WHEN HE STARTED: Tom had a remarkable amount of experience for a 13-year-old before the Potter films came along. As well as adverts, he’d appeared in the films “The Borrowers” opposite Jim Broadbent and “Anna And The King” with Jodie Foster. He auditioned for Harry and Ron before casting agents decided he would be best as Hary’s bullying, bleach-blond nemesis Draco Malfoy.

WHAT ELSE HE’S DONE: “After the Potter films I’m looking forward to playing a good guy, someone not so spiteful,” he said recently. In fact he’s done a slew of low-budget film parts alongside Potter and has bagged a plum role in the new sci-fi prequel The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He has also recorded an album, “In Good Hands.”

EARNINGS TO DATE: More than 3 million pounds but he has admitted to not handling his money well and having a few tussles with the taxman.

WHAT’S NEXT? According to PR guru Mark Borkowski, Tom is the one to watch. “He’s ahead of the game,” he says. “He’s already done some interesting shorts and his new Planet of the Apes film will redefine him. Because there is less pressure on him than the others he’s exactly the sort of person to come out of a big franchise well.”

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