Tom Felton interviewed on Capital FM

Tom confirmed to us a little while ago that he was going to be interviewed by Lisa Snowdon on Capital FM, a London radio station.

We think you’ll be able to listen to the interview live on their website. The interview should be at 8:30 AM London time. Check out this page to see what time it is right now in London.

If you have any fun questions for Tom, please tweet them to Lisa Snowdon or Capital FM!

Thanks to @TomFeltonEU, we have audio of the interview!

3 thoughts on “Tom Felton interviewed on Capital FM

  1. OMG… Great interview… I love the end, when Dave asks Tom about Emma… This means they kissed, because he acted like ” She said that… ok, I have to be natural…”… Cool! I think this is my favourite interview with tom felton…

  2. I think it’s so rude how people won’t let go of the whole Emma and Tom thing. Sure, it’s cute she had a crush on him, and it’d be cute if he at some point returned it. But it’s beyond creepy how people obsess over it and flip over any indication something might have, or will, happen with the two. If they were interested, they’d be dating each other … not other people. I think it is pretty clear here he was put on the spot and didn’t know how to react. He hardly admitted anything happened by simply not denying it — perhaps he found it truly bizarre that Emma might have said that and didn’t want to embarrass her on a live program by outright calling her a liar? I mean, after all, why the hell would a legitimate radio host make that up, must have been running through his mind, and yet if it weren’t true … that meant he was making it up indeed, which is truly just as bizarre! It must have been a very confusing moment for him, indeed. Very unprofessional. I feel sorry for the guy, and his girlfriend, too, who I am sure is great about it but still must be made uncomfortable by all this obsessive attention revolving around her long-term boyfriend and another woman. So much second-hand embarrassment, really! I hope he knows not all of his fans are psychotic.

    … and yeah. Sorry for that rant, I have been needing to get that off my chest positively forever, lol. As for the rest of the interview, he was charming and witty as ever. 🙂

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