Tom Felton’s schedule for FanExpo Canada

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Brianna for helping us find out more about Tom’s schedule at the FanExpo in Canada. Check it out:

Photo opportunities:
Friday at 3:30 PM at location 204
Saturday at 2:30 PM at location 706
Sunday at 3:30 PM at location 706

Q&A session:
Sunday at 4:30 PM at location Hall G

I expect some awesome questions for his Q&A session, as usual. Leave us a comment below for what you will ask, or what you’d want to ask if you were there!

10 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s schedule for FanExpo Canada

  1. I think I have to leave before the Q and A. But I’m definitely dropping by his booth for an autograph and hitting a photo session.

  2. I would really like to know if he knows how david holmes (dan’s stunt double) is going? Also what tom’s fave stunt that he (Tom) did in all the movies.

  3. i am frm india….. so i can’t go 2 d question and answer sessions 🙁 🙁 🙁 bad luck….. i badly wanna meet tom….. but i would lyk 2 ask tom… which female inspired u d most? any chances of saying me? juz hoping….

  4. Hey everyone! I’m going to be going to his question and answer session on Sunday, and I need some good questions to ask. Can anyone give me some good ones please?
    Anyone going, by chance?

  5. this is so sad, about one of the only times hes in Toronto, im in buffalo D<

    im not even gonna be in the same city as him D:

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