Help make a little girl’s birthday the BEST!

Many of you have already seen the really cute video of Tom Felton hugging a young fan at the very end of the Toronto Q&A. Watch it here, at the 8 minute mark:

You can’t hear everything very well, but it goes something like this:

Girl: Can I have hug?

Tom: Well, [the event organizers] told me I need to move things along and if people ask something like that, I have to say no. But… YES goddamnit, YES!

Then he jumps off the stage and gives her a hug. It’s, like, the cutest thing ever.

So, earlier tonight, that little girl’s dad (@TMLfan1967) sent a tweet to me, and said the girl’s birthday was coming up, and that he was trying to find a better picture of the hug so he could give it to the girl for her 11th birthday. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

@feltbeats hi. Sorry to bother you but wondering if you might be able to help me out? Tom recently did a q&a in Toronto.

@feltbeats My daughter was lucky enough to get a hug from Tom at the end. Trying to find a picture of it for her 11th b-day next week.

@feltbeats wondering if you any of your followers were able to snap a pic? Would mean the world to her. She us still grinning like crazy.

So, does anyone have a better picture of this, or a better video from which I can do a screen shot? I (and this little girl) will be forever grateful! =)

Please help us in any way you can! Thank you! =)

PS If you are the girl in the video, please do not read this post, because it is a surprise! Thank you.

UPDATE: Thanks to Miss_Lion_Heart and GwahFace on YouTube, we have this better video: which yielded these decent photos:

Thanks Miss_Lion_Heart! Anyone got even better? =)

5 thoughts on “Help make a little girl’s birthday the BEST!

  1. Awww that is so cute tom really is a true gentlemen. The girl is so happy to have that hug i wish her dad finds a perfect pic to give her on her bday wish u a very happy bday sweetheart.

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