Tom Felton believes in magic!

During the Teen Choice Awards, Tom Felton and Matt Lewis were given awareness wristbands from a charity called “Believe in Magic.”

This charity was founded by Meg, who was herself sick as a child. Now, her charity works to bring a little magic to other children who are sick in the hospital – such as buying them gifts or throwing them magical parties.

But, since Tom got the wristband several days ago, he has yet to take it off! You can see him wearing it during the Warner Bros webchat, and in all of the pictures during RingCon, as well.

So, please try to bring a little awareness to this magical children’s charity. You can buy a wristband just like Tom’s, buy a raffle ticket for the Believe in Magic raffle, or even help promote the charity by retweeting this:

Don’t forget to buy your Believe in Magic Raffle Tickets! Win amazing prizes and spread magic to very ill children! xxx

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