Scans of FAULT Magazine with Tom Felton

As we already reported Tom Felton is in the Fall issue of the London fashion magazine FAULT. Now we have scans of the magazine. Click on the scans below to read the interview with Tom.

You can order the Fall issue here. I’ve already ordered my print issue, but unfortunately I’m still waiting for my magazine.

Photographed by piczo

By the way, Potterpix has found a new photo of Tom. Thanks for finding and thanks to feltgasmic for the tip.

8 thoughts on “Scans of FAULT Magazine with Tom Felton

  1. Now I really want FAULT magazine! Tom looks so supermegafoxyhot in all of the pictures! Totally printing them all out for my room! <3

  2. Love his last line: “I see each medium of communication as a new door, now I have 20 doors and everyone is bloody knocking.” And OMG, he is so hot <3

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