“Behind the Scenes” of Tom Felton’s upcoming film “Labyrinth”

All Access Mzansi uploaded a “Behind the Scenes” video of Tom’s upcoming tv mini series “Labyrinth” (we reported here – photos of Tom as Raymond-Roger de Trencavel, the Viscout of Carcassonne in our gallery). Unfortunately, Tom is not in the video, but he is mentioned at 3:35. Tony Curran spoke about Tom – he says: Tom is great, they played a lot golf …

Labyrinth – official Website / Labyrinth on facebook

8 thoughts on ““Behind the Scenes” of Tom Felton’s upcoming film “Labyrinth”

  1. So I haven’t read the book yet and I was wondering if Katie McGrath’s character and Tom Felton’s character ever interact? I love both actors and it would be really cool to see them work together here. 🙂

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