Feltbeats.com Attends The Woman In Black Red Carpet Premiere

Feltbeats.com was fortunate to be invited to attend the Red Carpet Premiere of The Woman In Black, featuring Daniel Radcliffe. Tom was unfortunately unable to attend, but our very own Rotae got to chat with the man affectionately known as Tom’s Friend Dan!

A couple of days ago, I went to the worldwide premiere of Daniel Radcliffe’s (affectionately known on the site as Tom’s Friend Dan) new film The Woman in Black as a representative for Feltbeats.com!
The weather was – well, English – but that didn’t stop a lot of people turning up and having a lot of fun!
Dan arrived relatively early in the grand scheme of things, but he also stayed the longest and talked to both press and fans.
Feltbeats.com was lucky enough to get the following quick question (which was suggested by the lovely @SouthernBets) with him on the red carpet!
Feltbeats: Do you believe in ghosts and spirits and things like that?
Tom’s Friend Dan: I actually don’t! I’m not a particularly spiritual or supernatural person, so it’s coming as quite a disappointment to people! So no, I have no belief in ghosts or the afterlife or anything.
Dan was the quickly moved on, where a reporter asked:
Reporter: Was it difficult working with your girlfriend on the film? Did you see too much of each other?
TFD: Oh no, not at all! She worked on unit base and I worked on set most of the time, so we barely saw each other during the day. Yeah, but no, it wasn’t an issue on set.
Reporter: Any chance we might see wedding bells this year?
TFD: Ah, no!
Dan went on to say that it’s way too soon to be thinking about something like that, and I managed to get possibly the best picture of him reacting to the question:

It is also worth mentioning that after an afternoon of people saying, “Where?” after I told them I was from Feltbeats.com, that TFD said, “Oh! Right!” when I told him where I was representing!
I’d like to say thanks to Dan, to the organisers – who kept everything running very smoothly – and to my fellow reporters from DanRadcliffe.com, SnitchSeeker and Magical-Menagerie who kept me company!
Thanks for reading!

Thanks Rotae for representing Feltbeats on the Red Carpet, and the great review!

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