Tom Felton signs letter of intent for WWII Vampire movie, “Fangs of War”

Tom Felton has confirmed with us that he has signed a letter of intent for a new film called, “Fangs of War,” which producers are hoping to start filming in June in Eastern Europe.

The movie, which has been called “Inglorious Basterds” meets “Dracula,” also stars Dominic Purcell and Celina Jade.

Tom is set to play Dr. John Seward, “a Freudian-schooled psychiatrist more experienced in theory than practice who’s itching to get out on the battle field.”

From the website:

The Year Is 1944.The Nazi Supernatural Division has taken Castle Dracula and set up a secret lab there with one purpose and one purpose only: unlock the secret behind the legendary Count Dracula’s immortality. The Allies however aren’t blind to the Nazi’s ambition, thanks to their man behind enemy lines, OSS agent RM Ren!eld. But when Ren!eld goes dark in Transylvania, it’s up to Lieutenant Jonathan Harker to bring him back, along with the vital “intel” discovered at Castle Dracula.

Begrudgingly, Harker accepts the mission and travels with Dr. John Seward to Romania, where they meet up with members of Harker’s old covert ops team: Texas sharpshooter Quincey Morris and the beautiful and brainy Anna Van Helsing.

Together they plan a daring assault on Castle Dracula, but there’s more than just Nazis waiting for them behind the castle walls. Dracula himself and his blood-lusting Brides have a plan of their own, and they will stop at nothing to see it come to fruition. It will take every ounce of strength and every shred of ingenuity that Harker and his team possess if they’re to survive the night and stop both the Nazis and Dracula from reaching their goals…

Producers are looking to roll cameras June 2012 in Eastern Europe with post in Toronto, Canada. Delivery is planned for Early Quarter 2013.

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