Photo: Tom Felton rocking an END7 shirt

As we reported here, Tom is working with END7 on a project to help get medicine to kids with worm-related diseases in poor countries.

Today @END_7 published a photo of Tom where he is wearing their END7 shirt:

Tom Felton rocking an @END_7 shirt! Follow us at #seetheend

Thanks @TomFelton for wearing our shirt to show support for the end of NTDs!

To learn more about NTDs or to join the END7 campaign, please visit END7 on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Together we can see the end!

Please help Tom and END7 and support this campaign ! Spread it! 🙂

It costs just 50 pence to treat and protect one person against all seven major NTDs for an entire year.

It starts now. #seetheend with @end_7 and by getting this week’s shirt.

5 thoughts on “Photo: Tom Felton rocking an END7 shirt

  1. Oh my god! Even when making that face, u are SO sexy! On twitter, I am @feltonmrs. I stand by what I said. U should b on dancing on the stars. U would b great and all ur fans would watch cuz they luv and respect u so much! U r my romodel and that would
    Definitely make b try to b an actor. Please look into it. That would b so amazing. Please consider it cuz I would love u even more. Please give it a try. I love you.

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