First photos of Tom Felton with dark brown hair

Tom tweeted last friday

#bigdayitwas blonde locks no more, lets hope dark browns have more fun!

and now we have a first photo of him with his new hair colour. Thanks to Anja for the pic.

Tom just arrived in Belgrade (Serbia) where is the location for filming of his upcoming movie “Therese Raquin“.


We have a second photo of Tom. Thanks to Kachu-Sama for the other photo and her short report.

And he did appear! He was really nice, and very, very tired. He spoke in a quiet voice, shook hands with us, signed some of our papers and took a few pictures. I didn’t get to take a picture with him, because he was already saying that “this is the last one” for a few times already and I didn’t want to chase him and seem rude.

And then he ascended the stairs and went away while the rest of us just remained there, sighing and shaking and [finally] screaming a bit.
It all seemed just so… SURREAL YOU KNOW. Like he was there, right there, and I kept shaking and my whole face was sorta twitching from the smiling and my voice was shrill. I feel we totally scared him, but, in the end, I think we were pretty nice and composed. We did everything he asked [moved away so he could push his luggage] welcomed him here a lot, told him we like him films and all that.. We were quite nice.

11 thoughts on “First photos of Tom Felton with dark brown hair

    • saw him in Orlando…his hair was long and at first he had it down..I hugged my friend and tickled the back of his head and told him I liked it long…he knew the fans wanted it cut but he explained that it’s for a role…soooo it must be TR…he’s so sweet…

  1. Tom, okay… he is gorgeous with everything and to be talented and kind has nothing to do with appearance but… TT.TT why he needed to dye them… Blond where soooooo perfect on him! He was so so so so undiscribable cute!

    • Yeah, “Draco” aside, you can’t beat the blond on him. So perfect. But his hair would be so damaged after all that bleaching.

  2. can some one please help me out i would like to meet tom for my 16th birthday but i don’t know how to contact him and i have no idea where he is right now please help it would be the greatest present ever thanx

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