Exclusive: Feltbeats.com Interviews Tom Felton At Chicago Comic Con

As we have previously reported, Tom Felton is currently in Chicago this weekend for Comic Con, and members of the @feltforce had the honor of conducting an exclusive interview for Feltbeats.com.

Interviewed by Feltforce member @southernbets, with camera work by Feltbeats Admin @bserlori, Tom was asked about filming Therese, upcoming promotion for The Apparition, as well as a few random questions thrown in for fun.

Stay tuned to Feltbeats.com for more pictures and videos from The Feltforce at Chicago Comic Con!


Thanks Betsy, we now have a transcript of the interview:

Tom: Action!
Bets: We’re here with Tom Felton at Chicago Comic Con, and we have a few questions for him.
Tom: Yes. Very excited to be here.
Bets: Hello, Tom. Nice to see you.
Tom: How are you? Good to see you guys again.
Bets: Okay. We have just a few questions.
Tom: Okay.
Bets: We wanted to know…you spent the last couple of months in Belgrade working on ‘Therese’
Tom: I did!
Bets: That’s how you say it, right?
Tom: yes, that’s it. Therese
Bets: There ya go. Okay, I want to know what your favorite part of the city was, and how it was working with Jessica Lange.
Tom: Jessica Lange was wonderful. She played my mother. She’s a very beautiful lady, and an exceptionally talented actress, so that was good fun. Belgrade, or Beograd, as they say there, is an awesome town. It’s kinda like going back a few decades, in a way. They do things a little more old school over there. But they do these banging pancakes on the corner of the streets.
Bets: Like American pancakes?
Tom: No, No, No, No. Like the French crepe-style with the nutella, you know, very thin. They served about 6 of those a day. They kept me going. So yeah, I miss that for sure. Good times!
Bets: Now, ‘The Apparition’ comes out in two weeks.
Tom: Does it really?
Bets: Yes! the 24th! We wanted to know if you were going to be attending any of the premieres.
Tom: Unfortunately, not. I do believe my schedule interrupts pretty strongly with all of that, so unfortunately, I’m not sure if I am going to be able to make it. Hopefully, I will be able to on the surprise, but I know I can’t guarantee anything.
Bets: Have you seen the finished film at all?
Tom: I have, actually. Yeah. I think it was the finished film. I’m not sure whether they were re-cutting it or not, but it was cool. I look forward to hearing what your opinions are of it.
Bets: Yay. I’m sure we’ll have some.
Tom: Alright. Cool.
Bets: Now we now that you….. are you still set to film “Attachment” with Sharon Stone?
Tom: Ah, yes, as of now. I mean, as I’m sure you’re aware, these things kind of go up and down, so we are supposed to be starting the shooting at the end of September. Hopefully. that’s the kind of film I want to do right now, so I’m hoping that’s still goes. Fingers crossed.
Bets: Now, you’re gonna have sex scenes in that film. Are you worried? Are you gonna talk to your friend, Dan or Rupert, since Rupert did drop trou in CBGB. (I had cotton mouth, so I got a little tongue tied there!)
Tom: That’s true. I hadn’t given it much thought. To be honest with you, I’m quite happy not to give it much thought. There actually is some scenes of a sexual nature in ‘Therese’ for my character, which is not what you think it is, at all, but yeah, so I had a kind of stepping stone in that direction, so I try not to give it too much thought, I think.
Bets: Would you rather Jade be there the day that you film sex scenes or no?
Tom: That’s asking me way too deep now. I don’t know. I don’t know.
Bets: Would it make you nervous if she was there?
Tom: Yeah, but you have to understand, it’s just as bad, or if not worse, for the people that have to do it, I swear. Because it’s not a pleasant experience at all, so yeah. I don’t want to give it any thought. Please don’t get thoughts in my head like this.
Bets: Do you have any other things lined up yet? Anything that you can tell us?
Tom: Nothing that I can tell you, I’m afraid. Things that I am hoping are gonna go in the next few weeks. Gone for a few interesting auditions recently, met some cool people. So, fingers crossed. You know you’re gonna be the first to hear about it, so you don’t need to dig for information. I’m gonna feed it to you as soon as it comes.
Bets: Okay. We’re gonna get past the business now and get to some fun.
Tom: Thank goodness.
Okay. You tweeted about going to the Olympics, what did you get to see?
Tom: I went to go see beach volleyball. Which… how that passes for an Olympic sport, I’ll never know, and we saw the women’s Italian and Spanish team.
Bets: So, you didn’t even get to see the Americans?
Tom: Ahh, no, but I was quite happy. It was good. It was a really good day out.
Bets: I also see that you are expected to go Dallas Comic Con and to New York. Are those confirmed?
Tom: They are. You have to… It’s kind of awkward for me when I have to say yes so far in advance that it’s almost impossible for me to say whether I’m going to be available then or not. But I appreciate that these places have to book in advance, and it kind of works in well with doing some work stuff and some publicity, etc. But I hope so, fingers crossed, but don’t spend your life savings just yet.
Bets: Okay.
Tom: That was a joke.
Bets: Okay. What is your favorite song of all time?
Tom: There is a Beatles convention next door, so they’re just playing non-stop Beatles. Have you heard this?
Bets: No
Tom: There’s a Beatles convention next door. I might go tonight. So that’s just going in my head. “A Hard Day’s Night” is in my head.
Bets: Will you sing some of it for us? Just a little?
Tom: No. Definitely not.
Bets: Come on.
Tom: No. No. No. I’m not gonna sing live. It’s terrible.
Bets: I mean, what good is this interview if I can’t put you on the spot?
Tom: I don’t know. You’re looking for some You Tube sensation or something, where I drop trou in the middle of it. It’s not gonna happen!
Bets: Sorry ladies! Okay. Have you watched your Star Wars DVDs yet?
Tom: No. No, I confess I haven’t. Now usually in interviews, I feel like I have to brush up the truth a little, but I feel I can be very honest with you ladies. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, if it’s gonna get me in trouble or not. No, I’m still yet to. It’s there on my collection. Believe me, I’m waiting for a rainy Sunday.
Bets: When you go to the movie theater, which armrest is yours? The right or the left?
Tom: That’s a poignant question. Let me ponder for a minute. It does depend on who is either side. I’m a
pretty selfish armrest guy, I won’t lie.
Bets: You do both?
Tom: I just go two straight out in the middle. I’m popcorning all the time, so I don’t really need them half the time.
Bets: That was our next question. What is your preferred movie snack?
Tom: A large popcorn. I even, sometimes, ask Jade to get a large as well, because she has a few, and then I can just take her bucket. I can go through that stuff like no one else, believe it. Popcorn I can eat by the bucketful. That, and just like a gallaon of coke, is what i always get.
Bets: So then you like American cinemas, cause it’s like that.
Tom: American cinemas are the best. Definitely. For sure.
Bets: Now, not counting Snape, what is your favorite Alan Rickman role?
Tom: Um….
Bets: *whispers* Sheriff of Nottingham
Tom: Yeah, Yeah, thank you. You feed it to me, but I was going to say Robin Hood, but he didn’t actually play Robin Hood. Yeah, Sheriff of Nottingham.
Bets: That’s my favorite, too.
Tom: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. That’s what kind of got me in to Alan.
Bets: You know, when he was in Savannah, I actually met him on the street, and I asked him if he would tell me that he was going to cut my heart out with a spoon, and he said no.
Tom: He didn’t do it?
Bets: I did. I said “please!”
Tom: I bet he said just said “no.” That’s it, and walked off.
Bets: He said “no.”
Tom: He’s not quite up for the fun side of it so much, but he is hilarious. His dry humor is through the roof, definitely.
Bets: He was very nice though. Okay. When you make a sandwich, I assume you make your own sandwiches, when you do
Tom: Three or four slaves working, you know.
Bets: Your house elves! Well, when you make a sandwich, do you cut it in half? And if you do, do you cut it triangles-ways or rectangle-ways?
Tom: I’m a Toasty Man, so my Toasty machine, Jade got me one recently, and it kicks arse, and it kind of splits it in the middle, so it’s two triangles.
Bets: There ya go. Triangles. What’s your favorite sandwich?
Tom: Cheese and ham toasty. Straight out there.
Bets: What is the naughtiest prank you ever played in school? Since you sing about it.
Tom: Oh, I didn’t do anything that bad in school. I was a good boy. I didn’t do many pranks. I just avoided things that I didn’t like doing. I didn’t do, I didn’t do physical education, maybe, for the last two and a half years, I think, of school. I managed to…
Bets: skip!
Tom: whinge my way out of it, one way or another. Yeah, Yeah, I wasn’t really in to that so much.
Bets: Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence?
Tom: It’s got to be intelligence really, isn’t it? I suppose with great knowledge comes great burdens and great responsibility. With just strength you could just kick arse. I’m not sure.
Bets: barrel right through
Tom: I’ll go with the super intelligence. Okay.
Bets: What’s one thing about women that mystifies you the most?
Tom: Everything! The day I’m even on, if I even understand women by, like, a percent, I’ll be happy. They are a strange breed of creature, and I’ll pick my words carefully, because I’m surrounded by four of them as we speak.
Bets: Okay. What would you do if you were a woman for a week?
Tom: Ha! I’m not sure what you were fishing for there. I don’t know. I’d enjoy going to the spa and getting my hair and nails done? Is that what ladies like doing? I’m not sure. Jade loves it, so something like that. Yeah.
Bets: Okay. Well, that’s all the questions that we have for today. You survived!
Tom: That’s it?
Bets: No! You did good.
Tom: You’re not going to edit this and make me look really ridiculous?
Bets: No… Well, we might, but come on.
Tom: I’m really conservative with everyone when people ask me question, except you four. It’s dangerous!
Bets: Oh! Where will you be for your birthday? Will you be back in London, or you don’t know where yet?
Tom: I’m not sure yet. Probably back in London, yeah. If not, Los Angeles, so. If not working. One of the three. We’ll see.
Bets: Well, thanks for sitting and talking to us today.
Tom: No worries.
Bets: I’m sure all your fans will appreciate it. You want to shout out?
Tom: Yeah. Thanks to everyone on the Feltforce, Feltbeats, the whole Felton crew. I thoroughly appreciate all of your efforts. Here’s to a rockin’ new year. Thank you!

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