Tom Felton joins “Fangs of War” – shooting begin soon

As we reported here in March, Tom has signed a letter of intent for a film called “Fangs of War”.

Stealth Media Group has announced today, that the shooting of “Fangs of War” will start in Toronto on 5th November and Tom is a part of the cast.

Tom Felton Leads Fangs of War Cast, Dracula Re-Imagining to Begin Shooting Soon

Stealth Media group is moving forward with Fangs of War, a World War II horror-actioner, November 5th. The film is a re-imagining of Dracula and will bring principal photography then in Toronto with stars Tom Felton (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter), Sean Clement (Flash Point) and Gia Skova (Azienda).

The lead roles of Harker and Dracula will be announced shortly.

The Nazis have Count Dracula in their grasp and are experimenting on him at the castle. A Special Forces Team is sent to retrieve Dracula without knowing what they are looking for or what horrors they will discover. The premise soon becomes clear – The Nazis want to extract the secret of immortality from Dracula; and the Allies want to stop the Nazis from achieving everlasting life. The Soldiers simply want to survive and escape the castle.

Jim Donovan (Pure) is directing from a screenplay by up-and-coming Geoffrey Gunn (Siren). Visual effects will be done by in-demand VFX studio Intelligent Creatures (Watchmen) and the action sequences will be designed by Jennifer Phillips (Thor, 300).

source:  “Shock Till You Drop”

If the filming locations have not changed since May, the shooting will also take place at the Media Pro Studios in Romania.

The year is 1944. The Nazi Supernatural Division has taken Castle Dracula and set up a secret lab there with one purpose and one purpose only: unlock the secret behind the legendary Count Dracula’s immortality.

The Allies however aren’t blind to the Nazi’s ambition, thanks to their man behind enemy lines, OSS agent RM Renfield. But when Renfield goes dark in Transylvania, it’s up to Lieutenant Jonathan Harker to bring him back, along with the vital “intel” discovered at Castle Dracula. Begrudgingly, Harker accepts the mission and travels with Dr. John Seward to Romania, where they meet up with members of Harker’s old covert ops team: Texas sharpshooter Quincey Morris and the beautiful and brainy Anna Van Helsing.

Together they plan a daring assault on Castle Dracula, but there’s more than just Nazis waiting for them behind the castle walls. Dracula himself and his blood-lusting Brides have a plan of their own, and they will stop at nothing to see it come to fruition. Even if that means turning the Nazis into Nazi vampires. It will take every ounce of strength and every shred of ingenuity that Harker and his team possess if they’re to survive the night and stop both the Nazis and Dracula from reaching their goals…

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Please notice that we currently don’t have any confirmation by Tom. Stay tuned for updates.

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