New video of Tom Felton: “I could have made a good Hermione“

SugarScape published a new video of Tom from the press event for the grand opening for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London this March.

Now Harry Potter has come to an end, Tom Felton has had to lay his alter ego Draco Malfoy to rest.

But we caught up with Tom at the Harry Potter studios, and couldn’t resist asking him if he’s anything like Draco after spending 10 years of his life playing the baddie.

Tom said: “I like to think we share nothing other than eye colour, and that’s about it. I’d say I’m about as ungentlemanly as not letting a car into the queue in front of you, that’s about as nasty as I get.”

Would he have wanted to play a less villainous character?

He said: “Yes and no. Yes I would love to have played Ron, I would love to have had a crack of the whip at Harry, lord knows I could have made a good Hermione. But obviously the reason I don’t want to play any of these characters is the ones that were cast were obviously the best possible.”

Watch the whole spellbinding interview here…

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