Feltbeats.com Year End Wrap-up: Tom’s 25th Birthday

Another highlight of 2012 would have to be our celebration of a monumentous day in fangirl history… the birth of Tom Felton. Each year, Feltbeats.com tries to do something unique to celebrate the occasion and 2012 was no exception.

Feltbeats.com and it’s fans prepared two very special gifts for Tom this year. First, if you live in the Surrey area, you may have seen our special shoutout in the Surrey Mirror.

Second, we gathered submissions from 9 countries and 16 different states to make a beautiful quilt for Tom. Each piece was picked out by many of his twitter followers with unique messages added to each one. They were then hand sewn by the incomparable @Southernbets.

Tom also tweeted that day to let us know exactly how he was celebrating.

“Had a wonderful birthday, thank you for all your lovely tweets. I’ll let you figure out what I’m doing here…x”

Lastly, we have a shout out that Tom was nice enough to do at NY Comic Con to thank his fans for their Birthday Wishes!

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