New pictures of Tom Felton by Matt Holyoak from his photoshoot for ASOS

As we reported here, Tom was in an issue of the ASOS magazine. ASOS also has a “Fashion Up” app and in one of their issues of the app they published new pictures (not seen in the magazine) and some behind the scenes pictures of Tom. (we reported here) – Hi-Res photos here

Now we found more pics of Tom from his photoshoot for ASOS (photographer Matt Holyoak). Unfortunately, the photos are with watermark and they are not large, but the pics are fantastic. Please click on the photos for a slightly larger version.

photo credit: Matt Holyoak for ASOS / Please add as credit for the photos Matt Holyoak, if you use them.

Thanks to Matt Holyoak for the permission to post the photos. 🙂

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