Tom has Prank War with Castmates

As you all know, Tom has spent the last few weeks filming the movie “Ghost of the Pacific.” The movie just finished its last week of shooting, and it appears the cast has decided that a friendly round of pranks is the best way to celebrate it.

@TomFelton Last days filming on @GhostsPacific May the pranks begin.Firstly @MrJakeAbel thought it amusing to modify my buggy


@TomFelton So I thought I’d return fire with some improvements of my own, to his buggy of course. Happy driving @MrJakeAbel x


@TomFelton And lastly Jake thought it wise to Install some Improvements to @garrettdillahunt fold up bicycle. I agreed 🙂 x



We are happy to see that Tom enjoyed his time on set, and we are excited to see “Ghosts of the Pacific” when it is released.

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