Feltbeats.com Celebrates 5th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since our webmiss, Misha, snatched up the Feltbeats.com domain name and started this little site dedicated to Tom Felton’s music. We’ve grown exponentially and expanded our focus from just his music to ‘All Things Tom;’ attending premieres, tour and park launches, side ventures and award voting. On more than one occasion, Tom has commented that he checks the site to know where and what he’s doing, as we know more than he does!

To celebrate this festive occasion, we asked you to send us your favorite Feltbeats memories of the past 5 years. Thanks to admin, Rotae, we have this fantastic video to share with you!

Take a look at our very first Anniversary post here, where you can find out how Feltbeats.com began and some interesting tidbits about our history.

Thank you to all of the Feltbeats Army and the Feltforce; those of you who have helped Feltbeats.com to be the amazing site that it is, who vote extensively and participate in events and projects. Your support is greatly appreciated. A special thanks to the Admins, past and present, who have given so much to help Feltbeats.com succeed. To Misha, who I don’t think could have even dreamed her little venture would become what it has, thank you. And most especially, to Tom (and Jade) for supporting and endorsing the site, always giving his time for interviews and treating us so well at events.

THANK YOU for making Feltbeats.com the internet’s #1 Source for All Things Tom Felton!!!

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