Behind The Scenes Video of “Full Circle” with Tom Felton

As we reported here, Tom’s new TV series Full Circle will debut on 9th October at 9:00 p.m/9:30 p.m ET/PT on DirecTV’s exclusive Audience channel.

Audience DirecTV has now published a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video.

DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 101 DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 117 DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 162 DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 173 DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 308

DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 317 DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 366 DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 379 DIRECTV_s_Full_Circle_-_Behind_The_Scenes 386

Thanks to sjcjdm for record a promo video of “Full Circle”.

Watch another video here.

One thought on “Behind The Scenes Video of “Full Circle” with Tom Felton

  1. I can’t tell you how proud I am of Tom’s career…he is becoming an amazing actor and I just love his project choices..he is and always will be one of my family and I will continue to watch everything he accomplishes…he is just a
    wonderful, intelligent and gifted young man…love him…mimi

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