Photos of Tom Felton’s 2nd day at TIFF – Premiere of “Belle”

Yesterday was the world premiere of Tom’s film Therese” (we reported
here) and today was the world premiere of his movie “Belle”.

We have some photos of him on the red carpet and at the Q&A. Thanks to all who share the photos with us.

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More photos in our gallery. Stay tuned for more!

4 thoughts on “Photos of Tom Felton’s 2nd day at TIFF – Premiere of “Belle”

  1. Omg You are very very BEAUTIFUL <3 . I want to meet you 🙁 why i live in Poland 🙁 please come to Poland 🙁 I want to meet you Tom I love you <3

  2. If You see this…If You are reading this know that I would be very happy if you wrote by one word. I’m sorry if I made mistakes but You understand… I’m from Poland. Loving, Julia <3 🙂

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