Tom Felton’s second day at Dallas Comic Con

Today was Tom’s second and last day at Dallas Comic Con.

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Thanks to MuggleNet for their LIVE TWEETS during Tom’s Q&A:

Tom makes his way out on the stage. The audience goes crazy! Tom: “Thank you, that’s a very warm welcome!”

If you could teach a class at Hogwarts, which one would it be? “Crikey, I wouldn’t know where to start. I suppose somewhere on the pitch.”

Did you originally try out to be Draco? “Actually I went for Harry for a few screen-tests, then for Ron… Hermione obviously.” LOL!

Tom on fan fiction: “It’s always fun to read. I’m well aware of the imagination of the creative people out there.”

“I haven’t read the more explicit versions…”

Which other house would you like to be in? “I can’t say, I mean it’s Slytherin all the way!” The crowd erupted at this one.

“You filthy mudblood!” HA! I still get a kick out of saying that. –Tom

Reveals that he MAY BE at the opening of the expansion in Orlando.

Has been to the theme park several times incognito. Just got weird looks.

“SCARED POTTER!” is one of his favorite lines. (He actually did it as well. lol)

Alan RIckman, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Michael Gambon were among the favorites to work with.

“POTTER!” was his favorite “despise” line.

He has watched AVPM and think’s it’s a fine example of being creative. He’s definitely a fan.

He hopes in 30 or 40 years when they create the “scratch and sniff” versions, he will get to play Lucius and/or someone in the Malfoy family

Tom got his start in after school drama groups. Always did it for fun.

Little kid just asked if he liked Hermione in any way…. in ANY WAY.

A fan just asked him to roll around like Lauren Lopez. He politely declined. LOL.

Has been acting since he was 8 years old. “The Borrowers” was his first film.

End of the film for the Malfoys was beautiful in the sense it left it open for interpretation.

On renaming the Slytherin house, it should be named “Slimer balls.”

Whats the most memorable thing you’ve learned in the Potter experience.
To enjoy yourself. That’s the most important thing.

Update on Feltbeats: “Efforts. I’m putting forth Efforts.” LOL! “It’s not something I chase with ferocity, but I always have it with me.”

On Rupert’s ice cream truck: “it’s hilarious to see him in it.”

Last scene he shot for Potter: “Final courtyard scene, Voldemort hug, and Draco walking away. After that I was bawling.”

The Q&A session ends with a massive applause. Thanks to everyone who followed along!

Here are some more pics of him:

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Thanks to all for sharing the photos with us. More photos in our gallery.

Thanks to Chelsea and Fey Fey for the videos:

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