First Trailer of ‘Murder in the First’ with Tom Felton – TV Premiere on 9th June

The first trailer of Tom’s upcoming TV series Murder in the First has just been released.
Premiere of the series is on Monday, 9th June at 10/9c only on TNT!

Tom plays Erich Blunt, the cocky, spectacularly wealthy CEO of Applicon, a tech genius.

Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 126 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 149 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 152 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 169 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 188 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 190 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 206 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 218 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 232 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 256 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 258 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 392 Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 416Trailer_Murder_in_the_First_TNT-1 459

More screenshots in our gallery.

official sites:

Murder in the First – Twitter

Murder in the First – Facebook

Murder in the First – TNT website


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