Videos & Photos of Tom Felton at the Grand Opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Japan

Yesterday we reported here about the press night for the Grand Opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ Theme Park at Universal Studios Japan with Tom and Evanna Lynch. Today was the official ceremony for the opening and we have a few videos and photos:

USJ Official asked: “What was Tom drinking?”

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Here is Tom’s answer – click on the pic below for the video:


BsjO6OiCIAAkt20.jpg large BsjRMpwCUAAATnS.jpg large10561168_675618019194739_1853902173_nTom: “My house x #Wizardingworld #Hp #Osaka #Japan”

Photo credits: USJ Official & Tom Felton

More pics in our gallery.

Thanks to SnitchSeeker & MuggleNet for great photos!

Also thanks to Tom Felton Japan, Draco Malfoy Japan, Felton Japan and the many other Japanese fans for the tweets and pics! :)

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