First teaser of Tom Felton’s upcoming movie “Ghosts of the Pacific”

The official facebook page of Tom’s upcoming movie Ghosts of the Pacific uploaded last week a first teaser of the film.


The official trailer is coming soon! Unfortunately there is still no release date for the film.

In one of the most harrowing true stories of WWII, three US Navy fliers crash land their torpedo bomber in the South Pacific. With only a 4×8 foot life raft to carry them, and no food, water or supplies, the trio must rely on each other to survive starvation, storms, and shark attacks – and somehow steer their little raft to safety.

For more info – click h e r e

Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 172 Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 184 Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 202 Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 229 Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 265 Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 289 Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 381 Ghosts_of_the_Pacific_1st_teaser 436Ghosts of the Pacific – official site of The American Film Company

Ghosts of the Pacific – official facebook page

BTW, HarryPotterCast1 has uploaded the teaser to YouTube (click here), if you want to watch it there.

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