The effect Felton – Almeria and Tom Felton’s upcoming film ‘Clavius’ + new pic

La Voz De published an article about Kevin Reynolds, the director of Tom’s upcoming film Clavius. The filming in Malta are completed and Kevin Reynolds is already in Almeria / Spain , the next station for shooting of Clavius. The article is in Spain, click h e r e.

But we translated the last part of the article:

The effect Felton

Since the news of the shooting of ‘Clavius​​’ jumped to the media, this production has again put on the map of international cinema to Almería, almost a year after the filming of ‘Exodus’. A promotion can be multiplied through the social networking activity of one of its protagonists.

With a legion of fans for his role in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga, where he portrayed Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton has been sharing images of the shooting in Malta and corner of this country in their Instagram and Twitter profiles, including adds 2.5 million followers. If repeated with Almería, it will be an excellent spread for a land and greets this new production: Ave, ‘Clavius​​’!

Interview with Kevin Reynolds: “you have a combination of what we needed for this film”

Why he chose Almeria to roll ‘Clavius’?
You have a combination of things that was that we needed for this film: the desert, the sea and the Alcazaba, here in the city.

How long will they be working in the province?
Six weeks. We started on Tuesday.

Is looking Almeria?
It is a very nice town, I like his character. At the moment, the little I have seen is very nice.

Thanks to Jacob Yakob for this awesome pic of Tom !

Tom Felton and I were the only ones Kung Fu fighting #film #clavius #Malta


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