New pics of Tom Felton as Tony Pastula in his upcoming film “Against the Sun”

In the last few days Against the Sun, Tom’s film mates Jake Abel and Garret Dillahunt and the director Brian Falk uploaded some new pics from their upcoming movie Against the Sun.

Against the Sun will be available in select theatres in the U.S. next Friday on 23rd January 2015.

Against the Sun:

Trying to survive against all odds requires determination, courage and faith. #AgainstTheSun
B7gZNlKCQAIs3Da.jpg large

Brian Falk:

73 years ago today Pastula, Aldrich and Dixon were lost at sea. @TomFelton, @MrJakeAbel, @garretdillahunt.
B7gmHr9CQAErSft.jpg large

Jake Abel:

.@TomFelton asking me if @garretdillahunt knows how to fly this thing… Spoiler: He doesn’t. @AgainstSunMovie 1/23
B7Z1dAQCUAA5MQu.jpg large

Thug Life circa 1942. @garretdillahunt @TomFelton @AgainstSunMovie #staywiththeraft
B7e-xTWIQAEkaZw.jpg large

tendermoments with @tomfelton on @againstsunmovie #staywiththwraft 1/23/15

How do u even fly dis thing? LOL. @AgainstSunMovie @TomFelton @garretdillahunt #StayWithTheRaft
B7kGPg_CcAA2GWD.jpg large

.@AgainstSunMovie is based on a true story. @brifalk, @garretdillahunt & I meeting @tomfelton’s character’s real-life widow. She was still as sharp as a tack.

Garret Dillahunt:

Real wife of @TomFelton’s character visited set & was delightful. “You play an asshole” 1/23/15 @AgainstSunMovie:
B7aqgxECEAA1T7P.jpg large

January 23 @AgainstSunMovie finally opens. True story of survival and grit. Yup. Grit. Plus our hair gets messed up.
B7XmIWHCYAAdYnE.jpg large

DP @pcikhart director @brifalk & @TomFelton laughin at a bounce. 1/23 @AgainstSunMovie. #StayWithTheRaf
B7heq7tCIAAUlwh.jpg large

Against the Sun is also avaible on Cable On Demand, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can already pre-order here:

iTunes –
Amazon Instant Video –

Against the Sun – official website

Against the Sun – official site of The American Film Company

Against the Sun – official facebook page

Against the Sun – official twitter page

Against the Sun in our gallery.

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