Waiting for Rupert Grint – First Clip of BBC Three’s documentary ‘Tom Felton Meets the Superfans’ online

BBC Three has published the first clip of Tom’s upcoming documentary
Tom Felton Meets the Superfans.
The documentary will air Monday, March 23rd at 9 pm on BBC Three.
Watch the first clip Waiting for Rupert Grint below :

In Tom Felton Meets The Superfans, a one-off hour long documentary for BBC Three, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter) heads to Tulsa to attend one of the world’s largest film and TV cult festivals Wizard World and on this side of the Atlantic attends Comic Con at Birmingham’s NEC.

Every year thousands of super fans come together at these locations – wearing elaborate and intricate costumes – to meet the ‘real’ people behind their favourite shows. For the young men and women who attend it can be a life changing and often overwhelming experience as they meet the stars they’ve idolised for years.

For Tom the convention tour has been part of his life for over a decade, but now as an adult and with some distance from the franchise that made him world famous, Tom wants to take a step back and look at the conventions from the side of the super fan – attempting to understand for the first time why these young people become so attached to these fantastical books, movies and TV series and more importantly by spending time with fans and hearing from his celebrity friends and co-stars ask: when does a fan become a fanatic?

In the programme, Tom spends an evening with 20 year-old Brian from New York, who dedicates most nights to tracking down his favourite stage and screen stars for a selfie. Meets 26 year-old Steve, from Pittsburgh, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s biggest Harry Potter fan’ who has turned a basement into his very own Hogwarts and talks candidly with celebrity friends including Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and JK Rowling.

credit: bbc.co.uk


photo credit : MCM Comic Con and bbc.co.uk

Broadcasts :
Mon 23 Mar 2015 – 21:00
Tue 24 Mar 2015 – 01:00
Wed 25 Mar 2015 – 20:00
Fri 27 Mar 2015 – 03:00
Sat 28 Mar 2015 – 02:40

At the moment we have no information when the documentary will be shown outside the UK or online !

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