Dan Hartley’s film “White Other” with Tom Felton & Imelda Staunton now in German available

Do you remember Tom Felton’s film White Other ? It’s a short film from 2010 – written and directed by Dan Hartley – and Tom plays Ray Marsden in this film.

In the dead of night a troubled youth from an East London estate, Ray Marsden (Tom Felton – Harry Potter) stalks into a hospital ward demanding to see the patient. The attendant Nurse, Lynne McDermott (Imelda Staunton – Vera Drake / note from us: Umbridge in HP) is sceptical about Ray’s motives but gradually uncovers the truth about his violent past and in so doing makes a startling discovery that will change both of their lives forever.

So far you could only watch the film in the original version, but now the short film is also available in German.

White Other German Dub h264 from Dan Hartley on Vimeo.

German script by Davide Valente
German voices : Davide Valente & Sabine Martin

Watch below the original version :

White Other (Short Film) from Dan Hartley on Vimeo.

Photogallery “White Other”


4 thoughts on “Dan Hartley’s film “White Other” with Tom Felton & Imelda Staunton now in German available

  1. It´s so awesome that you´ve posted it <3
    But there is one little mistake in the description.
    The German Script is by Davide Valente and Sarah Kaltenborn.
    You can see it also in the Credits at 11:23 from the german version.
    🙂 Nevertheless thank you for sharing it.
    I love the movie. Tom and Imelda are great actors and Dan Hartley did a great job with directing it.

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