Videos: Tom Felton at his home in Japan ;) – USJ’s Harry Potter Park – & pics of the last few days

Tom attended the press event for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ Theme Park at Universal Studios Japan last Wednesday. (we reported here)
He visited
the park before the event and shares his impressions in four videos with us. Universal Studios Japan has published the videos today – watch below :

We also have a few photos from his last few days in Japan. Some fans had the chance to meet him in a Meet & Greet – he was at a training of sumo wrestling (it is a Japanese sport – click here) …

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Thanks to @dosukurimo, @moeno128, @xx1azygir1xx and @HollyConTokyo for the photos. More pics in our gallery – click here and here.

Below you can watch a Hello-Video by Tom for his Japanese fans:

BTW, Tom has let us know he’ll be attending the Tokyo premiere of “Tomorrowland” on Monday.

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