First Trailer of Tom Felton’s upcoming movie ‘Stratton’

A first trailer of Tom’s upcoming movie Stratton has appeared. It’s a trailer for screening purposes. Thanks to Grasonas for finding and sharing the trailer.

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Watch the trailer below (No idea how long it stays onlineso watch soon 😉 ):

Tom plays “Cummings” from MI6.

Stratton, a Special Boat Service operative for MI6, and his American counterpart Marty, scope a laboratory complex in Iran in order to intercept deadly biochemical weapons. This most complex of missions goes spectacularly wrong however and in the mayhem Marty is mortally wounded. Stratton knows his trusted friend isn’t going to make it.

Back at base Stratton is summoned by the big boss at MI6. She has received intel that a former Soviet operative – Barovski – has gone rogue. Thought to be dead for the last 20 years, he plans to use deadly chemical weapons stolen from his former paymasters to take revenge. Hot on Barovski’s tail, Stratton and his team are despatched to Rome, including Hank, a US Navy Seal and loyal student of Marty’s from back in the day. Pumped up with hatred for the man who killed his friend, Hank goes all out, blowing the team’s cover and allowing Barovski an opportunity to escape.

On their return to London, Stratton and Hank track down the creator of the bio weapons and force him to reveal all he knows. Once again, however, they find their mission has been compromised; they seem to be taking one step back for every two steps forward.

Stratton and his team are not ones to give up easily however; their training simply does not allow that. In this race against time we discover that Barovski may have a weapon, but so do we…Stratton.

source: GFM Films – Stratton

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Currently there is still no release date, but “this year” is mentioned in the trailer.

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