The Flash : Trailer & Promo Pics of Tom Felton for Ep. 7 – Killer Frost + Screenshots from Ep. 6 – Shade

Yesterday, the CW has released photos to promote “Killer Frost,” the 7th episode of The Flash Season 3 which airs on Tuesday, November 22.

source: Flash News TV

Trailer for Killer Frost :

Screenshots – more in our gallery :
the-flash-killer-frost-trailer-the-cw-0134 the-flash-killer-frost-trailer-the-cw-0168 the-flash-killer-frost-trailer-the-cw-0259 the-flash-killer-frost-trailer-the-cw-0271 the-flash-killer-frost-trailer-the-cw-0284 the-flash-killer-frost-trailer-the-cw-0313

Yesterday The Flash – Episode 6 “Shade” aired on TV and you can watch the episode with Tom Felton as Julian Albert here on the official site of The CW.

Below you can watch videos of scenes with Tom from the episode :

Thanks to The Flash 4K for uploading the videos !

Here are some screenshots from Episode 6 – Shade. More in our gallery.

the-flash-season-3-episode-6-03753 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-03939 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-04176 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-04284 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-04526 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-04777 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-13686 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-13713the-flash-season-3-episode-6-13734 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-13774  the-flash-season-3-episode-6-14055 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-14021 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-14671 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-14276 the-flash-season-3-episode-6-14552

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