Screenshots of Tom Felton as Julian from The Flash – Episode 9 – The Present

Yesterday was the mid-season finale of The Flash. You can watch Episode 9 “The Present” with Tom Felton as Julian Albert here on the official site of The CW.

Below you can watch videos of scenes with Tom from the episode :

Thanks to The Flash 4K for uploading the videos !

Here are some screenshots from Episode 9 – The Present. More in our gallery.

the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-02084 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-02291 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-02485the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-02691 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-02744 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-02952 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-03175 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-03189 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-03211 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-05325 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-05586 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-05640 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-06028 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-06591 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-07102 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-22578 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-22855 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-23533 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-24930 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-27914 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-30008 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-37928 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-38971 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-39497 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-40618 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-41683 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-42187 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-50877 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-51818 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-55428 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-55576 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-55853 the-flash-2014-season-3-episode-9-56260

The next episode will be shown on 24th January 2017 !

One thought on “Screenshots of Tom Felton as Julian from The Flash – Episode 9 – The Present

  1. Very happy to see Tom get a larger part in this episode and hope for more when the show returns. His Xmas festive suit was awesome, but I had to laugh at the “Philosopher’s Stone” reference and the dark lord (Savitar instead of Voldemort) dialogue. Love it!

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