Tom’s 30th Birthday Project!


As all of you know, Tom turns 30 on September 22nd, and we at Feltbeats wanted to do something good to celebrate the guy who inspires us, entertains us, and loves us. Our crazy-talented Admin, Rotae, has created a beautiful design that features many of Tom’s talents and interests, and has put it on a shirt that all of you can purchase. The proceeds of the shirts will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of Tom’s favorite charities! The more shirts we sell, the more we get to donate to a great organization. The campaign ends on October 22, 2017.

Click here to help us celebrate Tom, celebrate life, and celebrate giving back.

*Shirt is available in a variety of styles and colors.

2 thoughts on “Tom’s 30th Birthday Project!

  1. Dear Tom Felton
    Happy 30th birthday to you
    Has good special for you Tom is all grown up now
    Big adult man wow nice good his best person from Harry potter
    Is character Draco Malfoy turn his 30th birthday
    I love you from Karen Thurston xxxxx

  2. Dear Tomas Andrew Felton
    Happy 30th birthday to you
    I can’t believe that you are 30. Wow!
    You are a nice man, I’d like to meet you in a few years.
    Good luck in life, be happy!
    Love you so much!

    From JulianaMironch

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