Video: ‘Sheep & Wolves’ – Making Of Featurette with Tom Felton

As we reported here, Tom Felton’s animated film Sheep and Wolves will be released on DVD in UK on 9th April 2018.

Now, Thunderbird Releasing uploaded a “Making of-Video” with Tom and Rubi Rose. BTW, according to their description under the video, the film will also be released in cinema on 6th April.

You can pre-order the DVD (Region 2) on

When a lovable wolf named Grey is transformed into a ram after taking a mysterious potion, he is forced to overcome his fears in order to regain te trust of the pack and its most beautiful she-wolf, Bianca. But how can he do that when all he has are three days, two horns and four hooves?

Featuring the voices of Tom Felton and Ruby Rose.

Sheep & Wolves will also be released on DVD in U.S. / Canada on 17th April 2018 – you can pre-order the DVD on amazon:

U.S. – DVD (Region 1) :
Sheep and wolves on 

Canada – DVD (Region 1) :
Sheep and wolves on

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