Wanna See Tom Felton’s “Apparition” Hair Color?

Yesterday on twitter, Tom Felton commented on the amount of McDonalds he’s eaten in the past week in Germany, so much so that he was dubbed “McFelton” by some of his Twitter followers.

I understand the nature of people with big cameras but filming me eat my McDonalds, really!!? Who on earth wants to see that!? lol

Plus I told Jade I was eating healthy! Now I’ve been photographed with a McNugget in hand, the game is up! Sorry, babes lol : ) xxx

To be fair 5 McDonalds in 6 days is pushing the boat out a bit; I do need to eat something other than fast food. Laziness wins everytime!

@jujucopyright McFelton! love it!

Now, just uploaded by Youtube’s Purbloodprincede, is a video of Tom Felton signing autographs outside a McDonald’s in Berlin, Germany. You can see that his hair is not blond anymore! Thank you, Purbloodprincede.

You can watch the video here.