Tom Felton’s upcoming WWII film, “Grace and Danger,” gets letter of intent from distributor

Over the weekend we received some news regarding Tom Felton’s upcoming WWII film project, Grace and Danger. According to director Rhys Hayward, the film has received a letter of intent from American distributor Koan Inc.!

In case you haven’t been following the “Grace and Danger” news, this is a WWII film in which Tom is set to play the character Private Carnaby. For more information about Private Carnaby, including a excerpt of the script, click here.

Rhys’ message was sent to all members of the Grace and Danger group on Facebook:

Some exciting info. to share this week! – I now have a letter of intent from American distributor Koan Inc.

Koan distribute a number of WWII movies (their biggest selling genre) and these include Saints & Soldiers and The Fallen. They’re interested in all rights (television, theatrical & dvd). However, if we decided to go to other companies for theatrical & dvd distribution, they would still be keen to pick up domestic & foreign tv rights.

All very exciting stuff! I’ve been making lots of calls to the U.S. lately, so not looking forward to the next phone bill! – will be back next week with more items to confirm….

Though this does not guarantee production, it is a huge step in getting the film made and distributed!

Due to the great script and powerful attached cast (not only Tom Felton, but other stars such as Tom Sizemoore), this film has been getting a lot of attention lately. Just look at this screenshot showing the level of interest in the film on!

We think this is a great role for Tom, and we’ve also been told by the director that a sequel the film is being planned, and he would love to have Tom back to continue to play the part!

Rhys Haward shooting the “Grace and Danger” development trailer.

Great news, congratulations to Rhys and the rest of the crew!

Tom Felton Signs Letter of Intent for “Grace and Danger”

We reported previously that Tom was attached to Grace and Danger, and now we’re happy to report he’s officially signed a letter of intent.

Rhys Hayward has just posted the following on the Grace and Danger Facebook page:

What a start to the week!

I’m somewhat speechless – things have been a little tense these past few weeks (as most of you know!), but I’m very pleased to announce that TOM FELTON is now officially attached to Grace & Danger!!!!!!!! I’ve just returned home to find an e-mail from Tom’s agent and a letter of intent! Hard to believe it!

Please feel free to share this news with HP fans everywhere! Want to continue to build up the G & D fanbase.

…. will be back with more news later this week – don’t know if we’ll ever top that!

Thank you, Tom!

In related news, Rhys Hayward has also made it known that he is auditioning another Harry Potter actor for a role in the film. As soon as we know more information concerning who it may be, we will let you know.

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