Which gadgets are Tom Felton’s favorites?

Tom Felton spoke at the Comic Con about his favorite gadgets. He spends 6 hours with his iPhone 😉 and he could spend many hours with his guitar 🙂 .

The video is NOT embeddable, but you can watch it by clicking at this link

6 thoughts on “Which gadgets are Tom Felton’s favorites?

  1. Well, iPhone’s a phone too, so I guess 6 hours is normal. Actually a bit low actually. I spend with mine the whole time I’m awake. LOL.

  2. 6 hours?!

    I spend mostly 3 with my phone when it’s turned on (although I don’t rely on it to go on the Internet or stuff like that). Thomas, you’re really addicted, Honey! *lol*

    However, than you’re spending more time with your guitar is logical: inspiration can’t wait, when it’s rearing its nose…

    With Love,


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