What does the zodiac sign of Tom Felton have in common with a goldfish?

We all know that Tom loves his dog Timber more than anything, but the German magazine “Yeah” says that Tom should have a goldfish as a pet. The reason is simple: his zodiac sign “Virgo” fits the water creature more. I think that the fish in the pond as pets are also accepted from the stars and everything is okay. Tom can still be happy with Timber!
Also, while the horoscope is only for girls why do they have Tom mapped? The probable reason: “Yeah” is a girls magazine and the girls do adore him. 😉

In the magazine was also a calender sheet of September with a photo of him on 22nd September in order to mark his upcoming 23rd birthday.

8 thoughts on “What does the zodiac sign of Tom Felton have in common with a goldfish?

  1. You guys find EVERYTHING! lol

    So, Tom is destined to have a fish. Lets all send him fish for his birthday. Except goldfish are boring. Something interesting, like an angel fish or swordtail. 😛

  2. Actually, we used to have angel fishes, an they’ve died out very quickly.

    Besides, to maintain an aquarium clean may soon become a pain into the ass. I’ve been there, and really, it’s no fun!

    On the other hand, it’s well-known than Thomas enjoy a good swin whenever he’s got the chance, therefore, I wasn’t surprised very much seeing the goldfish idea oming up.

    And if my memory’s good, Thomas’s got kois into his pond back home, no?

    With Love,

  3. Oddly enough, I found the receipt for my pet goldfish the other day, and it turns out he was bought on Tom’s birthday! But I bought the fish before I was even interested in HP.

    And of course, Tom has a previous connection to fish too, so maybe there’s some truth in this!

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