Tom Felton’s fansite Feltbeats helps END 7 – Thanks to FC Schalke 04

We from Feltbeats want to help Tom with his support for END 7. (we reported here and here about Tom and his support for the campaign of END 7)

Our admin Sandra (Estrella89San) had the idea of an auction on eBay and the proceeds will going to 100% to END 7.

BUT we will not auction items of Tom.

Sandra is a passive member of the German football club FC Schalke 04 and she asked the club for a donation. She got a positive answer and they sent some fan merchandise, incl. a cap and an autograph cards-set with original signatures.

The other autographs on the items (t-shirt, flags and scarves) collected Sandra at the season opening on 12th August 2012. (see photo below)

Thanks to FC Schalke 04 for the donations! 🙂

We also auction a shirt with original signatures of the 12 team captains from the German premier league of women’s football.

Sandra’s niece Jennifer Oster (team captain of FCR 2001 Duisburg) has donated this shirt for the project. Thank you Jenny! 🙂

The auctions have already started and end in 10 days on 30th September 2012. We got permission from eBay for this charity auction! 🙂

* Click here for our auctions ! *

– or click on the photo below and you will be redirected to the auction page –

– our “About Me” page on eBay –

We know, the things have nothing do to with Tom and certainly autographs of Tom would be very interesting for you, but with this project other media will also hear from the campaign of END 7. We think this is very important.

Please help Tom and END7 and support this campaign of END 7 ! Spread it !

Together we can see the end.

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