Help get Tom Felton’s From the Rough to the Big Screen!

Fantastic news over at the From the Rough camp. We are getting so close to having this film in cinemas and now you can help get it on a big screen somewhere very soon!


The team have started up a campaign over at Indiegogo, where you can pledge as little as $5 towards getting this film in a cinema! This money goes directly to help marketing and the distribution of the film in theatres (and we all know how long we’ve waited to see it).

What we would ideally like to see is every Felton Fan giving what they can to help out a great cause. If you can give $5 – that’s fantastic, and if you can give more – that’s phenomenal. If you can link all your followers on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, you’re doing awesomely! (Hey! Get your friends and family donating too – you know they owe you $5 for something, and you’re probably taking them along to see it anyway, right?)

If we can get everyone donating, linking, and sharing, then we’re showing how big of an audience there is out there for this film, which gives a greater chance of the film hitting a screen near you soon!

From the Rough is the true story of a group of people coming together to achieve what people thought them incapable of doing. Let’s make sure we live up to the challenge thrown down by Coach Catana Starks and do all we can to get this film out there!

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