“Right Place, Right Time” Lyrics

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Right place, Right Time

By Feltbeats (aka Tom Felton)

“Let me take you out?” I asked her,
then that week couldn’t go any faster.
I picked her up, but barely,
‘Cause London roads really do scare this country boy.

She looked the part, straight from the start,
Shame that didn’t help me find a place to park my car.
Outside London Zoo in a queue, waiting with you.

I was in the right place, at the right time…
that day we spent together.
There’s no where else I’d have put myself,
Or to share the day with anyone else.
Right place, right time…

It was quite a day, I won’t forget –
Sitting in the sun, sharing Menthol cigarettes with you.
I couldn’t understand why I felt twelve years old holding your hand.
“Feel my heart beat?”
She’s thinking, “Aww, sweet.”
I can’t explain why I didn’t feel it last week.
Walking with her, now I’m talking with her,
I’m well an truly falling for her.

I was in the right place, at the right time…
that day we spent together.
There’s no where else I’d have put myself,
Or to share the day with anyone else.
‘Cause I was in the right place, at the right time,
that day we spent together.
There’s no where else I’d have put myself,
Or to share the day with anyone else.
Right place, right time…

Perfect place, perfect timing…

45 thoughts on ““Right Place, Right Time” Lyrics

  1. This song aswell as all the others are amazing, I’ve downloaded tham all and listen to them all the time.
    Well done Tom, you’re so awesome!


  2. i wish he was talkin about me accept for the ciggeret part i don’t smoke i’m only 9 off subgect but i would hug him any day all day 😆 😉 😛 😀 😳

  3. the songs are sooo cool!! can anybody tell me where to download it for free? luv tom sooooo much!! 8)

  4. Scarlett i would love to know where you got the pics i think tom and jade are a lovely couple and jade is very lucky to have tom and i just want more pics of them together or jade by herself because i haven’t reall seen what she looks like from the pics in the gallery shes very pretty


  6. i’m british and i don’t smoke.
    it’s a stereotype.
    i hate people who smoke.

  7. Hey I love your music I have most of them and I constantly listen to them. I can play Time Well Spent and Sing it on guitar but I don’t know if anyone has got tabs for right place, right time. Please help me I really want to learn it???

  8. Tom Felton is amaaazing.
    He’s extremely cute too, might I add. 😉
    It’s a shame he’s wasting his health on those cancer sticks.
    Quite bit disappointed about that but I’m still a big fan.

  9. yah what was up with the smoking part.i guess its no thtat bad or a big deal over there,but it might lose him some fans ovre here.

  10. yeah he does smoke, or at least did when this was written.
    its not such a frowned upon thing in britain as much as america i dont think, im british and about 90% of the people i know smoke and we think nothing of it lol.

  11. i had to find this song lyrics to see if i heard correctly when i was listening to it about the menthol cigarettes bit, i thought thats what he said but i wasnt sure.
    i nearly choked when i heard it.
    on smoke.
    i was taking a very long draw of a menthol cigarette LOL

  12. Seriously?! Everyone smokes, its no big deal. Maybe it is a British thing… Or Americans over-react…

  13. hi.
    i’m iranian.
    so if there is any grammer or dictation problem pleas accept my apology….!
    Tom i love U so much…
    and you are the best singer and poet writer and singer ever!!!
    love U
    ghesseh(my name means story) 16

  14. Well it gives you cancer for one thing. And it turns your nails yellow, your teeth brown, and you almost always die from it. THAT’S why we react the way we do. I don’t like that part of the song very much, but it will never change my views on Tom Felton. He’s still a sensitive, amazing, totally nice person and an amazing actor and singer/songwriter.

  15. Well, maybe it’s just the lyrics. Sometimes, the music writer does not write what he is really feeling or doing. As he has to use the imagination, he can put on the song everything what he wants to, even it’s not the truth.

  16. well, i don;t think he smokes much, cuz his teeth are beautiful (; and it doesn’t matter whether he smokes or not, in my opinion, along with yours (:

  17. Why aren’t all the songs available to purchase on uk iTunes? I’ve tried on a few different computers and only; Hawaii, if you could be anywhere, we belong, time well spent and all I need… Are the only ones that show up when you search for tom Felton …. Am I the only one who’s having this problem? I adore silhouettes and sunsets 🙂 need to know the g/tab for it!

  18. hi,i am nazifa.i love tom a lot….he is so….hooot!….sexy…..and…..etc etc!i will be the happiest girl if tom come to visit bangladesh.i think he will like my country…(i am only 13,but i like to imagine that he is my bf!)

  19. Hell, who cares if he smokes…I LUV U TOM!! I can listen to your voice all my life & still not get bored

  20. I am 13 now and I am already in a relationship with him(in my mind)
    Wish he would do a tour and visit India *sigh*

  21. It’s a nice song, with a somewhat hypnotic rhythm. I’ve discovered it because of( or thanks to 🙂 ) my daughter who is a great fan of Tom Felton. I want to make her a surprise for her name day and I was thinking of downloading some of his music for her. But I do have a problem with those menthol cigarettes…She’s only 14 and, coming from a cute boy like Tom Felton, it might sound alluring. Can anybody recommend other songs of his? Something new?

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