“Time Isn’t Healing” Lyrics

This song is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

According to a “Feltbeats” post on YouTube:

capo 3rd fret,INTRO/CHORUS F,G,C VERSE C,G,F,C
there’s a few slides and odd fingers but thats it in its simplest form.

NOTE: These are the lyrics from the song available on iTunes. Note that there are several changes from the YouTube version, most notably the replacement of “I have a run to try to sent me to sleep” to “I have a smoke to try to sent me to sleep.”

“Time Isn’t Healing” Lyrics

And Tick tock goes the clock.
Time is going so slow.
And I’m supposed to be fast asleep,
Like a couple hours ago.
So I – I need to exercise
the right I’ve got to rest these eyes.
And I – I need to knock on some doors,
Then I wont have to lie here by myself anymore.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
I’m getting sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I can’t help the way I feel about you.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
Pretty sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I can’t help the way I feel about you.

I have a smoke to try and send me to sleep,
but things aren’t all that they seem.
The only time I seem to spend with you
Seems to be in my dreams.

So I – I need to let her go.
Would it have worked? I guess I’ll never know.
And I – I need to hit the road,
And find me a girl of my own.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
I’m getting sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I cant help the way I feel about you.

‘Cause time isn’t healing…
Pretty sick of staring at my ceiling.
And I – I can’t help the way I feel about you.

And time isn’t healing me anymore.
And time isn’t healing me anymore.

And time it don’t heal me no more.

46 thoughts on ““Time Isn’t Healing” Lyrics

  1. I feel that this is really hitting me the right way and I hope that Tom will get an album done soon. His voice is rather unique, I must say, and I really didn’t expect him to go acoustic. Really glad that he did, though. It’s really nice and the lyurics are pretty sweet too. 😀

  2. Splendid voice. Superb Songs. I love. Music is nice and touching words. Deeply the album =)

    PS: Sorry of my English. I am Frenchwoman.

  3. I’m glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Tom sing. He has a great voice and his lyrics are meaningful! I hope to buy his songs on Itunes soon!

  4. he smokes doesnt he?…crap…love the song though, but for some reason itunes won’t let me download it, which is beyond annoying!

  5. This song is amazing 🙂 and I completely relate to the lyrics 🙁

    Hope Tom keeps up the good music.

  6. good lyrics but if you really smoke, you should stop ot is not good for ya and u dont have a reason

  7. I love Tom SO much! I want to sing with him. He is so good – there should be an album – his second could be with me! lol I know smoking is bad and I hated the fact he does it at first but now for some unknown reason Im fine with it – sometimes I even find myself doing the smoking action (I dont smoke though!)

  8. tom IS pretty talented, but how weird that the song lyrics in his video would be different then the itunes version. 😕 I wonder if the agents had anything to do about it. ❓ ❓
    any way…. great song, i can totally relate 😉

  9. My favourite song by Feltbeats lyrically. The lyrics are great! Exactly how I feel every night. I never expected Tom to sing, hahaah. He doesn’t sing extremely well, but well enough for me to love his voice 😀

  10. Tom, keep up the running and stop the skoking!
    Love U anyway, very much 😉 but the smoking part really bothers me, cuz it’s so bad 4 U! I had a smoking ouncle and he died in lung cancer 🙁
    Can’t stop listening to your songs<3 love them

  11. i whole-heartedly agree. who else is there to love if you die? none of us want that so please don’t smoke and if you do quit!

  12. are you kidding? he rox! 😀 i love him! he can do anything! him and the kaulitz twins are gods!

  13. the smoking thing bothers me too 🙁 that’s how 2 of my relatives died. my great grandma ellen and my uncle eddie 🙁 love ya tom 😉

  14. This song was either about a break up or he didn’t get the girl. Still touching song, I found it bold to mention cigarettes in two songs(the other song is ‘right place, right time’). I know a lot of people are hitting u hard about the smoking, but its ur choice. Either way, a very beautiful song. Keep singing Tom, we’re all behind you(even if u smoke)!

  15. Wow! Your singing is absolutely amazing! I just finished the Harry Potter series and you were my favorite character(: I can’t believe how good of a singer you are! I love your lyrics and your accent! You’re such a well-rounded, talented person! :)Good luck!

  16. This song is by far my most favorite. All his songs are so much better than the modern American songs (no offense)<3

  17. I don’t think you should’ve changed the lyrics to “I need a smoke to try and send me to sleep” because that’s not like Tom at all! Otherwise, the lyrics are okay. He sounds amazing. ’tis my new lullaby!

    He doesn’t ACTUALLY smoke, btw!!!

  18. I always loved your songs and harry potter movies, but i always liked since i was two years old. now i am 11 years old

  19. Hey, you could be my double! I love him, too. And I think he´s really amazing! (@Tom: I hope, that you read this!)

  20. I love him!, all his songs!, and films! I hope you read this Tom, because iI think I can speak for all your german fans: WE LOVE YOU!!!

  21. Oh My God!I really love Tom Felton my day wouldn’t be perfect without singing his songs,watching his movies and seeing him at a website!It’s like I’m his #1 fan I Whenever I see a thing that has a picture of Tom Felton I buy it.

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