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  1. heyyyyy guys!! or TOM LOVERSS!!
    if you wann aknow moree about tom and if he isn’t replying back talk to his girlfriend that is on youtube,
    her name is rachael and yeaa just add her.. THIS IS NO JOKE I TALK TO HER MYSELF!! nd i saw her and tom TOGETHER IN UK!!! i have pictures too..
    just add her on feltfan01
    she is awesome and she will reply TRUST ME!!

    nd his next video will have his girlfrnd singing with him..can’t wait mann..


  2. i remember when i first saw this video. i was like ” is that-? no that ain’t tom. is it? holy crap it is!” this is my favorite song so far. ^_^ keep puttin’ ’em out there tom! we’re all waitin’ for ’em! and i knew he had a girlfriend! i just couldn’t figure out the girl’s name!

  3. O-M-G I so love this song it makes me feel happy gosh no words soooo LOVE it eespecially the chorus part 😀

  4. Tom Felton is a really great actor. He’s cute, funny, and I love his music. 🙂 I really love his character in Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy is a really hot, “I’m to good for you”, rich, [but in his own way] kind guy. :mrgreen: If I could meet him, I know that nothing afterwards would be that great. 😳 Love you Tom! – Kaehlert K. 😉

  5. Tom Felton is a really great actor. He’s cute, funny, and I love his music. I really love his character in Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy is a really hot, “I’m to good for you”, rich, [but in his own way] kind guy. If I could meet him, I know that nothing afterwards would be that great. Love you Tom! – Kaehlert K.

  6. Tom’s songs have been the very first ones I’ve ever bought on-line, back in early September 2008 (although I’d been already introduced to them via Contraveritas, where I had met Mystic_rose). However, it took me longer to find out my words to leave my opinion fully back over there, for the very reason than each time I’m listening to his songs within a laps of time more or less longer, I feel my heart faltering, I feel like crying. It’s like I’m rediscovering them every single time, rediscovering Tom each time.

    It had turned out that it’s on the fourth of January of this year than the words came to me, on the very same day, as I had found out here, he had been clowing around (if I may express it that way 😆 !) with the Miss, back in Florida, as he had been visiting the Wizardy theme park still going under construction. Life always takes some diagon alleys for having us saying what we couldn’t manage to express before, I remembered, for I do think that’s exactly what had happened here.

    Here’s the URl, Misha, since I couldn’t succeeded to copy and paste my comment back here. Would you mind to pass it on to Tom? Thank you.


    With Love,


  7. Yea, when I saw If You Could Be Anywhere (which was the first video I saw) I couldn’t help but think of Draco Malfoy and laugh!

  8. Beautiful song. Needs a bit of work with the transition between tempo changes, but over all a very awesome and beautiful piece of work 8D

  9. wow i really like this one. There are some chord problems, but its an awesome tune. I kinda wish there were words to go with it… but it almost doesnt need them. Its a very delicate tune.

  10. I love this song especially the chorus part. It’s an awesome tune and I think Tom is sooooo cute in this video!!!
    Love you Tom 🙂

  11. you have a really nice voice and you’re good at guitar and you’re a very good actor.
    i loove harry potter

    you’re also really good looking.

    mail me…. please

  12. very great with guitar…i play also me the guitar…but not like you…my compliments to you…hoping thath one day we will see…for palying together

  13. Hola!!
    no sabia que Tom cantara, yme sorpendi mucho, en realidad me gusto muchisimo…
    espero que pronto venga a Mexico!!…
    Por otra parte me gusta mucho en la manera que realiza su trabajo en las peliculas.

    Me gusta mucho ToM!!!….. Y Le deseo lo mejor!!!


  14. wow!!! your so very talented, hope you continue to play. looking forward to your future work. keep it up!!! Peace!!!

  15. Wow. can i be absolutely honest, I never knew you had a musical side. I never even would have guessed at all. But man do you have talent. And its a unique talent too. I listen to alot of music (trust me alot) and you have actaully gotten my attention to put you up on that list of people to look for. Ya i know im not a big movie star or a famous person but i am a musician and i do love to live to play music and when i see you playing there in your videos, i see the same stuff. If you ever need a bass player man, look for me. Cause i can play any style.

  16. I loved all the songs, you are really talented, a great actor and a brilliant singer … congratulations … success throughout the world for you .. add if you want to go on Twitter … kiss

  17. i luv u tom felton i really luv your music and i wish i could sing i really wish but i know i wont so ya but u are the only reason i watch harry potter is because of u

  18. This is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.. Tom it really is your a beautiful person with a great talent in many things and i think all the stuff you do now and want to do are really cool and intreseting as i myself enjoy some of them too.:) good luck in life and everything you do…(:


  19. I can tell you are putting a lot of heart into your music, every song. And that is all a musician needs to ensure that their music reaches people in the best way possible. You’re amazing at what you do. =)

  20. I wish Tom Had a Facebook. I do an dI am so upset because I am n Love with him. WHat if you don;t have a youtube. What if you onlly have a facebook and an email. I wish I actually new tom felton. I only know him from his singing and acting. I am so upset. I am actually 11 12 years younger than Tom though. I am only 11 an dI just turned 11 not that long ago either. I wish Tom was still my age an dhe lived across the street from me. I would be so happy.

    But everyone should think of Tom as a normal person like all of us. Because if we think of Tom as a very beautiful talented actor and singer. Which he is but if we only think of him as famous. What difference would we be. We would be just like all those actors and actresses and famous singers and all that. THe people that think being Famous is it. Well I can tell you that I am a Christian and we should think of famous people just like us. And we are Normal poeple.

  21. Hi. I think that Tom is a really really good guitar player and i love his singing. He is really inspiring, and a really good actor. Tom seems really sweet and kind.

  22. Girls, don’t be sad! His girlfriend hasn’t been his wife yet! There are many chances for you Girls! Perhaps. BTW, Let’s will be happy if he has a wife so Tom will not feel lonely again!

  23. OK seriously, it is good to listen to and to look also. Very good song, one thing is sure, he has a lot of talent!

  24. Me too!!! That’s so funny! =) If I could be anywhere was the first video I saw

  25. u made my mascara run u need to give me sum offf jades.
    just so u know u shouldve came to dundee when u couldnt get 1 cuz thats were i live 😉

  26. tom seems to be a great guy and he’s really hot!!!!!!!!
    I so wish i could be toms girlfriend, just seeing his face and hearing
    his music makes my heart beat 10000 times faster then normaltom will you deticate
    a song to me !!! please

  27. OMG, I love Tom so much, he is such a nice, I’ve relatives that live near him, lucky me! He’s songs are really sweet. I don’t know much about his girlfriend, I just hope that she’s a nice person for him. All the same… it dus make u kinda sad… never mind, I luv him anyway!

  28. Aww, that’s really nice Maddi, i back u up completely, he’s very cute, very fit and very gorgeous and so completely normal! I’ve seen a lot about him and he’s a really nice person.

  29. I love him soo much! It wud be so nice if I cud be a good mate to him or better…
    If he reads this, which he probably won’t, I wish him the best. Please get some nice posters of yourself published in some magazines and good luck. xx

  30. I love you Tom. You’re music is fantastic and you’re a lovely person. Please get facebook and add me! I wish you really good luck with everything and I really hope we’ll meet someday.
    Best luck xx

  31. ok is there anything tom felton can’t do? he is so freakin hot!!! he can act, he can add sexiness to a british accent(which i didn’t think was possible), and now he can sing and play guitar. i want to meet him sooooo bad!!!

  32. I always feel like I’m about to cry when I put this on. From happiness, though. It’s such a romantic song. ;_; Love it.

  33. i hope he make an album,
    he’s cute, smart…
    what else to need???
    what u think about…

  34. i love this song when i hear it i imagine him and i on the beach wathcing the sunset

  35. ouch!!!
    i thought your going to sing and it hurts me alot
    but it’s okay cause i already watched your other videos.It’s pretty cool you really know how to strum
    strum always for your fans here:)

  36. This is such a calming song. While I was listening to it, some lyrics formed in my head. Its just such a WOW song. I love it <3

  37. Your so rude. I don’t think you’ve seen his other videos and can you play the guitar?

  38. I Agree. Okayy You May Not Like Him Playing The Guitar But You Dont Have To Bee So Meaan About It Helnea,
    I Personally Think He Is A GREAT Guitar Player, Singer, Actor. I LOVE His Other Video’s Aswell. I Cant Play The Guitar But I Wish I Could. ANND He Doesnt Stink!

  39. I like it!)))In my opinion, it’s marvellous^^))))
    P.S.He have very charming smile=)

  40. I love him! I think hes amazing at playing the guitar and singing, and hes a great at acting too. Hes very cute, I absolutly adore his smile! =)

  41. okay the next person who says they do NOT like tom felton(in gneral)is getting beat up!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!! hes the best actor singer and guitar player <3 Helnea, he DOES NOT STINK!!!!!!

  42. I don’t know him, I and don’t think that I ever will, so I have no idea who are you and why you dislike him so much, but, no matter what kind of person he is, he sings and plays very good. Personaly, I’d rather see him with electric guitar, but, oh well…
    Anyway, what you said is just rude…

  43. Nice! I don’t know why, but right now I’m thinking how it would be great to see ecranisation of “Soul music” by Terry Pratchett, with you as Imp y Celyn(later Buddy).
    That would be awesome!

  44. When I listened to this for the first time it brought tears to my eyes…you are amazing, I know you probably never read this and you have your own life, I know, but I was thinking about become an actress and I was wondering if you could give me some tips some time…Love ya…Oh and your girlfriend Jade, (We have the same name,lol) she is so pretty you guys are so beautiful together… You guys rock!~ BYE!

  45. the music is perfect … but your voice is the element that changes your song, and yours is
    so beautiful !!

  46. Tom是个很好的演员,我们很多同学都很喜欢他,特别是他演的Draco Malfoy~~

  47. if u don’t know anything about tom, come to me, i have all the details about him. and i am a gr8 fan of him like you. i assume that u admire him, by the comment of yours. i also say that i admire him

  48. This is a gorgeous song! How can one man be so talented and so handsome too?

  49. TOM FELTON IS JUST AMAZING. Fork. How can someone be a amazing actor, amazing singer and frigging SEXY. Man, I’m jealous. I love you Tom Felton. I hope I get the honour to meet you one day! iiLoveYhoo x <3

  50. Tom is amazing, if you think he can’t sing, then you have serious issues! Also, that hair style is frigging sexy so stop hating 😉

  51. I love his music, I try to play his songs too :DD
    and his guitar playing is really interesting :DD

  52. i really love this song.. this is my favorite.. i love the intro.. im studying to play it on guitar.. 🙂

  53. You truly are AMAZING and that is just one of the many adjectives that describe you. Just watching you play guitar and sing your songs makes me truly believe that your have magical powers.

    That smile you gave the camera at the end of your song was just the cherry on top.

  54. Usually i don’t like many songs without words but this song was beautiful. I listened to the whole song from beginning to end and i wish i didn’t have to end.


  55. Wow..i like things song. i dont know any person who play guitarre like you,tom! I wont say i love you but…..yes i love you !
    Sometimes i have the little wish you come one time to germany…and than i will be there.

  56. I really love his songs. and would love to make friends with him, because he is a very interesting person!

  57. Well, I think his music is much better than the junk I’m forced to hear here in the U.S…. Thank God I like him and not…-Shivers- O_O Chris Brown OMG. I love the way he plays guitar and the way he sings is like…How can I put it without sounding odd…Hmmm…beautiful I guess. Theres really no other term. Tom, if you’re reading this, I realllyyyy love your music and I realllyy love you 🙂 I hope you can go to the Big Apple comic-con 2012. I would love to meet you. You seem so cool. Unlike other artists who are totally full of themselves.

    Love you always,

    Your biggest fan 4ever,


  58. Wow! Sometimes it can be hard to get a message across in songs with no lyrics, but Tom did it perfectly. Oh wow. This song is amazing.

    Izzy x

  59. You are so fucking hot I wish I could meet you and spend forever with you tom. Your amazing. I love your music and your a great actor. My life long dream is to meet you and spend the whole day with you. I love you sooooooooo freaking much why did life have to be such a bitch for me.

  60. I really like you tom felton 😀 you are perfect , ouh your smile so sweet, you are amazing 🙂 you are my favourite man 😀 loveyouu !

  61. Oh…………….
    I<3 you the song in your guitar its so amazinggggggggggggggg
    i <3 you..i <3 you…i <3 you…i <3 you…i <3 you…i <3 you…i <3 you…

  62. This is amazing! YOU are amazing!
    You are a truly gifted and talented!
    Keep up the good work!

  63. It’s great to see that you haven’t disappeared altogether, Mr. Felton. I like your voice, it’s very sweet, and I like the songs you play! Please don’t disappear forever!
    ~Just Another Princess

  64. I am a Chinese girl , my English is not very good , but I love HP , I love Draco, I love Tom very much . If my expression with everyone is different , also please understabding 😀

  65. I’m trying to play silhouettes in sunsets in my guitar >w< your music is beautiful Tom Felton, please play moar! ^_^

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