Draco Malfoy checks out new Orlando Wizarding Themepark

During a trip to Universal theme parks, Tom Felton paid a visit to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” theme park, which is still under construction.

He took a photo next to the Umbridge-like decree sign stating that the park is still under construction.

Universal also sent out pictures of Tom Felton and his girlfriend, Jade, riding “Dueling Dragons,” a roller coaster at Universal.

Source: The Leaky Cauldron

25 thoughts on “Draco Malfoy checks out new Orlando Wizarding Themepark

  1. Saw this on TLC. I was just there months ago. My mom wouldn’t let me go on coasters. I went on the others though with my sister. I’m almost 18 after all. cough14thcough

  2. Is it just me or does Jade look younger in that picture than the others??? It’s probably just the lighting.

    Anyway…they are soo cute, I think they’re holding hands on the coaster. 🙂

    • I thought the same she looks lovely in this picture and they do look happy together and like you I think it is really cute holding hands ahhhh

  3. haha, i was just on that exact roller coaster and, funny enough, that exact row just last year. but they look really happy =]

  4. Awe, beyond words:D
    theyre are so freaking adorable together. in the pic he’s prolly making sure thats she’s alright. and the holding hands part, how cute us that? plus: can it be that jade is the prettiest girl in the world??? wow!

  5. OMG in that pic she looks like one of my teachers!!!!!!!! That rocks how they went on a coaster, I love them,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. miss amazing (ect)
    same here in that pic she looks like one of the teachers at my school!!! (a young pretty one, don’t panic jade fans, lolz!)
    But how cute!!!!

  7. They are so cute. They’ve both been blessed with really cute smiles. I like how happy they look.

    Dueling Dragons is a great ride. I miss Florida.

  8. im freaking out because i was in walt disney world that exact day…and we were thinking about going to universal….wow…freakish

  9. OMG I was in Florida when Tom was there! 🙂 But I was near Fort Myers. 😥 It would have been so nice to see him again. Oh well, I’m lucky to have met him the first time. I hope you had lots of fun, Tom. 😀

  10. i saw him there!!!! My friend and i thought it was him but werent sure. The first picture we saw being taken!!! I wish i would have stopped him now!!

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