Tom Felton and Dan Radcliffe pay a visit to badly injured stunt double

The stars of Harry Potter turned out to visit Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double yesterday after he suffered serious spinal injuries on the set of the latest film.

Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the blockbuster movies, joined Radcliffe to offer support to David Holmes, who is still receiving treatment at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in north London.

Full article and pictures are **HERE**

Our thoughts and prayers are with David and his family and friends.

15 thoughts on “Tom Felton and Dan Radcliffe pay a visit to badly injured stunt double

  1. “harry potter co star”…. can’t they just mention his name?

    besides that… cool! 🙂 i love that he is such a nice peron and always doing charity and social stuff…

  2. omg… of course i dont mean its cool that he is injured so badly! thats terrible but im sure everybody understood what i was trying to say

  3. first off hope David recovers well and that was nice of Dan and Tom to check on him. =) and now what the heck is Dan doing smoking?! and Tom is looking so fly! XD ok i’m done now. best wishes to you David!

  4. It was nice of them to visit although the press really shouldn’t have been there. I feel so bad for them especially Jade. It must be terrible for David right now. It makes my operations look like mere papercuts. Hope he gets better soon.

    • Yes, I agree with you, Faye, regarding the fact than the press shouldn’t have been there. As I was saying into my yesterday’s post (which is no longer there today 😯 , presumably deleted 🙄 , for some reasons 😕 ), I’ve some sympathy for Jade, having been through what she’s going through.


      P.S: don’t delete my contribution this time, please 😉 !

  5. Poor, poor guy! 😥
    I really, really, really hope he gets better!!!!!!
    David, where ever he is, I hope he gets better PDQ!!!!!(Pretty Dam Quick) 💡
    I feel sorry for Daniel, Jade and Tom, but I hope Jade didn’t cry in front of David, because that would just depress the guy! 😕
    Anyways, I hope David is okay!!!!!(lotta exclamation marks!)
    p.s I realise I went overbored with the little emotion things, sorry! XD

  6. Sorry to here about the stunt double Daniel
    Hope He get Better,
    You are to go lads, that when to see him.
    You to Kind, That what Friends are for, In time om nead
    I say a Pray for him,
    Happy Valentins day too you all
    Have a nice day In London,

  7. I am sorry to hear about the cast member. He will be in my prayers. It is really sweet of them to take the time to care about their fellow cast members and the others in the world. You guys are great friends to everyone. Be safe and Stay True.

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